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The financial management below network economy innovates (1)

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The financial management below network economy innovates (1)

Summary: The rapid development of network economy, participated in market competition to bring new opportunity to the enterprise, at the same time traditional to the enterprise financial management also posed grim challenge, urgent need undertakes financial management innovates. The article analysed the malpractice of traditional financial management below network economy, the content that innovates with respect to financial management and implementation countermeasure offerred new view.

Keyword: Network economy; Network finance affairs; Financial management; Innovate

Internet (rise abruptly quickly of Internet) industry, with its powerful message and service function are being changed and affecting a society each each estate, domains, global economy network, digitlization is formed stage by stage, this participates in market competition to bring new opportunity and challenge to the enterprise, comprehensive to business management of enterprise innovation was developed urge action. Financial management serves as the main component of business management of enterprise, be faced with oneself whether the fast follow-up new technology, challenge that gets used to network economy. The author thinks to be below network economy, traditional financial management is put in a lot of malpractice, the enterprise undertakes financial management innovates in time only, ability is in competition of domestic and international market anticipate, stand firm in network economy spring tide.

One, the malpractice of traditional financial management below network economy

Network economy times, as a result of the digitlization of economic activity, network, appeared a lot of new media spaces, be like fictitious market, fictitious bank. A lot of traditional business run means to will disappear subsequently, and pay actingly with the electron, the electron is purchased and electronic order for goods, commercial activity basically will be with the form of electronic business affairs on Internet undertake, make activity of company purchase and sale more convenient, fare is lower, quantify monitoring to stock more accurate. This kind of special trade pattern, the financial management that makes a business traditional already cannot get used to the commerce that is based on Internet to trade settle accounts. Incorporate is in the following respects.

(One) the new venture that avoids business management appears hard in case

It is network safety problem above all. Network economy asks financial management must undertake through Internet, and the TCP/IP agreement that what Internet system uses is open mode, it has transmission with beamed form, take cut easily monitor, countersign explores and filch, identity is sham, bring great menace to network safety. And traditional financial management is used mostly be based on in-house net (the financial software of Intranet) , did not consider the safety that comes from Internet is minatory, especially the financial data of the enterprise belongs to major business secret, if meet with,be destroyed or divulge a secret, will cause inestimable loss. Accordingly, what financial management must solve above all is issue of complex computer network safety, this tradition financial management is accomplished hard.
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