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The development of financial report answers attend to its are improved

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The development of financial report answers attend to its are improved

Chatefeierde ever had said · of famous Er of accountant historian Michael: "Fiscal development is reflective sex... the accountant basically is to answer to the commerce of certain period needs and develop, and closely related the development with economy. "The new era that we are developing at an economy and technical leap, financial accounting and financial report regard a when face the market enterprise of base oneself upon, important economy information as the system, the change and changes oneself ceaselessly content that also should be received of course and gets used to economy and market and state a form. Present financial accounting and financial report (it is financial forms for reporting statistics only at first) it is progress of industrial economy society formerly to 20 centuries 30 time just are in those who form on the foundation of traditional accountant and forms for reporting statistics. After capital market comes into being and maturing, the financial information that financial report has to market place is delivered, help investor has investment decision-making the action of the effective configuration with stimulative society natural resources, it is very distinctive, also cannot replace. But, the mankind already was crossed today into new economy society, financial report is in a lot of respects already the lag requirement at whole economy environment. Accordingly, have great improvement and development to its imperative.

One, the development that financial report goes and change review

(One) the development with financial theoretic report and change review

1, about metric. With traditional fiscal 3 features are pillar financial forms for reporting statistics. That is: The record presses double-entry bookkeeping system; Affirm with authority duty happens make for the foundation; Metric use historical cost property. Accordingly, people says traditional financial accounting to for double-entry bookkeeping accountant, authority duty happens respectively make (answer namely plan make) accountant and historical cost accountant. In financial fiscal in 3 afore-mentioned features, to accountant information especially gain information is the most influential of action, be affirm and metric. The concussion that traditional and financial forms for reporting statistics gets is the earliest also be to be aimed at metric. So, the attention of there's no one who doesn't or isn't of the person that use of forms for reporting statistics is metric. The inflation that as 20 centuries 70 time end appears to the United States at the beginning of 80 time and the development that financial tool derives after 90 time, the historical cost in the tradition is metric besides mode, created active cost, active market price early or late, can come true (liquidation) mode of net value and quantity of evenhanded price estimation. Committee of standard of financial accounting of FASB(of no less than) place of announcement of concept of the 5th financial accounting says: "Current, in all sorts of projects of the report in financial forms for reporting statistics, it is to use different attribute to come metric. This should be decided by the dependency of the property of the project and metric attribute and dependability. "Accordingly, so far, we report to finance affairs medium metric and OK see following change: By inchoate give priority to with historical cost (take completely regnant place even) use at the same time to a few kinds of metric attribute, use evenhanded value to current apt again. This a variety of change explain apparently, the adoption of metric attribute decides the development at socioeconomy, namely the change of economic environment and the different economy consequence that place of all sorts of different and metric attribute bring and the different perspective that its apply.
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