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The financial management below network economy innovates (2)

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The financial management below network economy innovates (2)

The much angle such as meeting, law, technology undertakes an analysis and the manage money matters with relevant formulate is politic. Next, groom through the technology can make financial personnel absorbs new knowledge ceaselessly, develop business information, and the environment of conduct financial transactions that the basis changes, undertake to the moving state of the enterprise and the scope of business that expand ceaselessly zephyr danger is analysed assessment. For this, want to get used to the demand that network economy grows, according to the configuration characteristic of the innovation trend of international finance and capital, apply financial project to develop financing tool and administrative investment risk. The fact makes clear, strengthen contemporary information science and network skill education to financial personnel, be helpful for realizing financial management innovation below network economy.

(3) the academic research that begins pair of knowledge capital actively

The development of network economy will make financial management target gets lost knowledge the biggest change, but at present the theory of intellectual capital has not mature, must begin academic research and practice actively. Intellectual capital is a kind of aeriform capital, it is the major innovation of conduct financial transactions of the business below new condition to the management of intellectual capital. To this, should study intellectual capital above all form element to reach its to commercialize a form, those who discuss intellectual capital is effective run administrative method. Next, want to study the metric method of intellectual capital, determine intellectual capital value, the negotiable securities that studies intellectual capital changes form and valuation method. The 3rd, the case that should run to intellectual capital undertakes an analysis, sum up a gymnastics that company knowledge capital runs to make plan. The 4th, study intellectual property protects a problem, it is the basic premise that intellectual capital maintains value rise in value. Anyhow, intellectual capital is below network economy one kind of new capital form, also be the postulate that realizes financial management innovation to the academic research of intellectual capital.

(4) recombine into industry Wu flow to the enterprise

Network economy is a kind of brand-new commerce service means, it replaced traditional paper medium with digitlizing medium, operational pattern flows with one-way content in will breaking traditional business, what implementation flows to be core, capital shedding to give priority to body for basis, iformation flow with content is brand-new run way. This asks the enterprise must undertake recombining to having business flow, put working focus on value catenary analysis. Above all, the enterprise wants from industry value catenary (raw material supplier, product, manufacturer, distributors) undertake an analysis, in order to know a business the position in industry value catenary, whether is judgement enterprise necessary edge value catenary forward or backward outspread, in order to achieve business management goal. Next, catenary of in-house to the enterprise value (order for goods, the product considers to design, production is made, sale, after service) undertake an analysis, how to reduce cost in order to judge, optimize company flow. The 3rd, analyse proceed with from competitor value catenary, through undertaking comparative with relevant index of the competitor, find out the difference with the competitor and oneself cost posture, enhance integral competition ability thereby.
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