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Hotel of Wuhan a hunderd schools

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Hotel of Wuhan a hunderd schools (Wu Jiashan inn) Wu Jiashan's Taiwan businessman invests the area of lake of Wuhan city thing that is located in look forward to of merchant, name to gather area heartland, communication is easy, the hotel is located in 107 countries to 500 meters, be apart from airport of the Milky way to need car Cheng 30 minutes only, be apart from Chinese mouth railway station to need 20 minutes only, be apart from this district government and mechanism and other places to all need less than 10 minutes.

The hotel manages an area 5000 square metre, integral style is pure and fresh, contracted, cabinet and do not lose showily energy of life, first floor is inn of center of old hall, scriptorium, business affairs, high-quality goods, 2 buildings are assembly room, 3 it is guest room to 5 buildings, 4 buildings still will open hairdressing to beautify hair center, establishment of integrated form a complete set is complete, it is arrange with in high-grade conference, business affairs, travel, recreational good place.

Hotel broadband network is convenient and quick, indoor and comfortable cleanness, all around quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet. 3 muti_function assembly room facility is complete, can hold 30-150 person, suit conference of of all kinds business affairs hold. Dining-room locate hotel 3 buildings, the hand of chef of rich hotel of class of breakfast out star, lunch and dinner return stock delicate formula and dot food service, what the enjoyment of overflow gives you is times more itinerary add Shu Xin.

Garden type court is outside hotel gate, 70 parking space are set inside the courtyard, left have wine shop of large and famous seafood and center of the recreation that wash bath, be in nearly very close to be able to enjoy the service such as pure Hubei cate and sauna recreation.

The hotel increases bed price: 60 yuan / bed.

Hotel of hotel exterior picture hall picture

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