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Wuhan airport guesthouse

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The guesthouse of airport of Wuhan the Milky way that by airport of Wuhan the Milky way finite liability company invests build is the hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that builds by SamSung grade level. Guesthouse is located in await machine building, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out and attractive, the guest lives to deal with airline ticket, foreign currency to change for China and foreign countries in the meantime wait for business.
The hotel has 105 standards guest room, capacious and bright, elegant Shu Xin, provide optimal journey living environment for you. Luxurious flatlet is capacious and comfortable, elegance is decorated not only inside the room showily, and establishment is deployed all ready, if confuse room of your bar, private cure, let you as if returned sweet and comfortable home.
Hotel stock is of all kinds size assembly room, advanced image sound system and conference equipment can choose for you, groom excellent service personnel will provide professional assistance for you in order to satisfy the organization of each type conference and arrangement, do one's best serves to the queen's taste.
The hotel still provides large banqueting hall and room of many luxurious bag, the dish of of all kinds gust is here have everything that one expects to find, delicate and delicate, Xianxiang's goluptious dish can satisfy the need of different guest.
In addition, the hotel still has each recreation establishment, let what you are working all be enjoyed relaxed.

2000 practice
Address: The postcode inside airport of Wuhan the Milky way: 432202
Phone: 027-85818636
Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 0
Be apart from from the railway station (kilometer) : 21
Be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 25
All round landscape: International Airport of the Milky way
Area inquiry: Area of Chinese mouth railway station
Hit all round fold businessman inquiry

Guesthouse serves an item
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Guesthouse meal establishment
Chinese meal hall

Guesthouse recreation and gymnastical establishment
Companionship ballroom card pulls sauna of room of card of OK hall chess room

Guesthouse is acceptability credit card type
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