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Big public house of Wuhan the Yangtse River

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Big public house of the Yangtse River reposes at —— of Wuhan city mart district Chinese mouth liberates a highway, need to walk several minutes to reach exhibition hall and market only, also need 30 minutes only to the airport by the car.
The hotel has of all kinds guest room 180 (set) , deserve to have TV of central air conditioning, satellite, confuse your bar, international to dial directly phone, blower to wait. Have high and luxuriant Chinese meal office with the meal establishment of this form a complete set, set 600 eat, hall of 4 honoured guest reachs banqueting hall; Western-style food hall is elegant and elegant, supply European Western-style food to reach a wine.

1986 practice Decorated 2002

All round landscape: Stage of international exhibition center of Wuhan square, Wuhan, seven-stringed Chinese zither
Area inquiry: Division of banking of Chinese mouth trade
Hit all round fold businessman inquiry

Guesthouse serves an item
Wu of ticket of center of auditoria business affairs serves IDD phone
Bazaar is tonsorial hairdressing room is entire the room is free the broadband gets online

Guesthouse meal establishment
Chinese meal hall

Guesthouse recreation and gymnastical establishment
Card draws massage room of room of fitness of room of OK hall ping-pong
Sauna room

Guesthouse is acceptability credit card type
Great Wall of Bank of China blocks peony of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to block Pacific Ocean of Chinese transportation bank
All things of credit card of international of card of dragon of bank of construction of China of card of spic of gold of Chinese agriculture bank is amounted to (Master)
International credit card power person (carry knows VISA) international credit card (AMEX) international credit card comes greatly (Diners Club)
JCB of international credit card

Guesthouse breakfast price
Western-style breakfast: 58

Guesthouse increases bed price
Add a bed: Without
Hotel of picture of lobby of hotel of hotel exterior picture guest room picture

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