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Big public house of international of Wuhan Central Plains

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Big public house of Central Plains international (former big public house of 39 Central Plains, transform by extend of level of 4 stars grade) , be located in road of yellow riverside of the highway that welcome guest; Have of all kinds guest room 113, the function is all ready; Have whole world of fim of ” of village of Singapore “ Thailand the 29th branch, high-grade enjoyment, civilian consumption, atrium type is large banqueting hall, little bridge running water, multicoloured fountain, piano accompanies, grand air; Set fitness nightclub of city of recreational center, moon; Basically recieve guest of domestic and international business affairs and tourism group and conference of of all kinds business affairs.

2003 practice
Address: Ave of Wuhan yellow Bu 27 postcodes: 430010
Phone: 027-68828999
Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 25
Be apart from from the railway station (kilometer) : 4
Be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 4
All round landscape: The Yangtse River 2 bridges, emancipatory park
Area inquiry: Division of banking of Chinese mouth trade
Hit all round fold businessman inquiry
Homepage: Http://

Guesthouse serves an item
Room of part of tonsorial hairdressing room has a broadband to get online

Guesthouse meal establishment
Bar of hall of Western-style food of Chinese meal hall

Guesthouse recreation and gymnastical establishment
Ping-pong of chess card room bathroom of sauna of room fitness room

Guesthouse is acceptability credit card type
Great Wall of Bank of China blocks peony of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to block Pacific Ocean of Chinese transportation bank
All things of credit card of international of card of dragon of bank of construction of China of card of spic of gold of Chinese agriculture bank is amounted to (Master)
International credit card power person (carry knows VISA) international credit card (AMEX) international credit card comes greatly (Diners Club)
JCB of international credit card

Guesthouse breakfast price
Self-help breakfast: 40

Guesthouse increases bed price
Add a bed: 128
Hotel of picture of lobby of hotel of hotel exterior picture guest room picture

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