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Hunan source edifice

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★ of ★ of ★ of Hunan source edifice books a phone: 027-67886788, 027-67886888
Address: Road of north of spring of knife of eminent of area of Wuhan fierce prosperous
English name (edifice of source of Chuyuan Hotel) Hunan is located in scene beautiful east the bank of the lake, face Wuhan closely east the lake is new and high technical development, circumjacent universities and colleges is bristly, the environment is beautiful, air is fresh, the edifice acts on “ guest to come honour, serve the service purpose to actor ” , top-ranking environment, high-class service, top-ranking management is sure to bring you sovereign exalted enjoy. The edifice shares 12, have the of all kinds guest room with 93 perfect equipment, all guest room all deserve to have system of central air conditioning, high speed broadband gets online, international home phone direct dial and rich international satellite TV program. . . .

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