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Big public house of Wuhan state guest

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★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of big public house of Wuhan state guest books a phone: 027-68821888
Address: Ave of yellow riverside of area of Wuhan river bank 188
State guest big public house reposes at the Yangtse River bank of 2 bridges north, border shopping centre and shopping centers, communication is easy, the modern hotel that is style of structure of tradition of a China. The hotel presses international level of 4 stars grade is built, guest room of luxurious flatlet, standard is set inside, independence all is set inside the room lukewarm accuse system, the head of a bed to control TV of ark, satellite, confuse you safe of ark of stage, ice, business affairs and each subtle and considerate service establishment. Set upstair " kylin stage " Chinese meal hall by renown hutch advocate manage, offer dish of top-ranking another name for Guangdong Province, elegant mug-up, unripe fierce seafood, set luxurious honoured guest additionally to include a house, stock modernization acoustics, seeing and hearing, card draws the advanced material such as OK; Those who have distinguishing feature of Chinese and Western is luxurious. . .

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