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An Hua big public house

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★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of An Hua big public house books a phone: 027-88308888
Address: Road of violet this world of area of Wuhan fierce prosperous 281
An Hua hotel is to press international the business affairs hotel of build of level of 4 stars grade, be located at fierce prosperous area violet Yang Lu 281, be apart from airport of Wuhan the Milky way 40 minutes distance, railway station of the prosperous that be apart from fierce only 200 meters, building of yellow from travel sightseeing resort crane, east lake beauty spot only one arrow one Yao, situation is advantageous, communication is very easy, border the government organization reachs each university, scientific research orgnaization. It is the omnibus hotel.2004 with facilities of transport of a battalion and service all ready function year was awarded 4 stars public house formally by national tourism bureau in September. Hotel building is 12 tall, have various guest room 216, restaurant uses guest room to dominate type system of central air conditioning, every room is set. . .

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