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Wuhan Kaohsiung big public house

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The modern hotel that Kaohsiung big public house is all ready of choiceness of a design, establishment, be located in Wuhan finance the center of a street, proximate Wuhan library and hall of Wuhan international acrobatics, communication is very easy.
The hotel has the guest room of a variety of types, can satisfy the choice with different visitors. The Chinese meal hall of the Western-style food hall of extremely rich emotional appeal and thick Oriental characteristic, all preliminary the cate of surprise making a person is enjoyed, come-and-go of your business affairs also relaxed, the intention between Tan Xiao all is gotten; The old hall of comfortable warmth provide relaxed and satisfied recreational space for you. In addition, the size auditoria of a variety of styles, all offer complete, advanced conference establishment, the business affairs activity that allows you is arranged so that loosen gently.

2000 practice
All round landscape: Park of park of international exhibition center of hall of acrobatics of square of lake of Wuhan library, northwest, Wuhan, Wuhan, Zhongshan, emancipatory road park, fountain
Area inquiry: Division of banking of Chinese mouth trade
Hit all round fold businessman inquiry
Guesthouse serves an item
Foreign currency of center of auditoria business affairs converts service DDD phone
IDD phone washs dress Wu tonsorial hairdressing room
Guesthouse meal establishment
Guest room of bar of hall of Western-style food of Chinese meal hall sends eat the service
Guesthouse recreation and gymnastical establishment
Companionship ballroom card plays bowling of room of OK hall ping-pong
Bathroom of sauna of room of fitness of mural ball room
Guesthouse is acceptability credit card type
Great Wall of Bank of China blocks peony of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to block Pacific Ocean of Chinese transportation bank
Dragon of bank of construction of China of card of spic of gold of Chinese agriculture bank blocks China to enrol card of merchant bank international
All things of international credit card is amounted to (Master) international credit card power person (carry knows VISA) international credit card (AMEX)
International credit card comes greatly (JCB of credit card of Diners Club) international
Guesthouse breakfast price: 20 yuan /
Guesthouse increases bed price
Add a bed: 160 yuan /
Hotel of picture of lobby of hotel of hotel exterior picture guest room picture

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