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Wuhan fine plain holiday hotel

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Wuhan fine plain ★ of ★ of ★ of holiday hotel ★ books a phone: 027-84716688
Address: Wuhan Chinese in relief Ou Hanyang washs Ma Changjie 88
The hotel is located in quiet and elegant raise child river bank, the environment is beautiful, it is the first selection hotel of business affairs and travel. The hotel has 321 luxurious and comfortable guest room, establishment is all ready, advanced. Lean on a window and stand, jiangchen beautiful scenery all stops eye ground, the natural scene of charming and gentle forms a beautiful picture scroll. The eyeball that crosses beauty plain bridge, need 5 minutes to be able to reach downtown, shopping centre and shopping center only, avoid had collected bridge fee. The hotel needs car Cheng 40 minutes to International Airport of the Milky way, the hotel moves back and forth freely the bus goes there and back twice everyday. In addition, the hotel offers Jiang Bian to canter the newest service such as sufficient cure of service of track, broadband and major.

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