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Zhejiang Commercial vocational college to go to Hong Kong Switzerland hotel ma

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To further broaden the channels for foreign exchange and learning world-class hotel management teaching models to promote educational reform, November 4 to 12, party secretary of Zhejiang Jia Xinmin Business Vocational Technical College, Culinary Tourism, vice president of Ping Wenchang And Dan Hongbin, QU Bao, Zhao Gang, Wang teachers line 6, a special trip to Hong Kong, Switzerland study Hotel management education and training conditions. November 4th they arrived the afternoon of first-class hotel management schools in Asia - Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel Management visit, Mr. Jiang Bin on the school's teaching philosophy, management system and training system a detailed description . Then inspected the city Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Dr. Jia Shuji Ruan Bowen dean for the school profile, education and training on issues of interest to a pleasant conversation, and expressed willingness for further cooperation. 5 Also on the Hong Kong delegation on the morning of Vocational Education (Haking Wong campus) for a visit, the delegation of the school's teaching facilities, teaching management and the integration of teaching, learning and teaching model shows great interest. In the end, after their visit to Hong Kong, November 6, the delegation arrived in Switzerland to begin a five-day visit to Switzerland. In Switzerland, the delegation has visited the Glion (GLION) Hotel Management School, Lausanne wine Store Management School (EHL) and the European University. Lausanne Hotel Management School (EHL) is located in beautiful Lake Lemon, founded in 1893, is the world's first dedicated hotel management training institute, is the only recognized as Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Government large School level and recognized by the government, world-class hotel management college. At present there are 1,800 students from 88 countries, the school has undergraduate and graduate students three levels of specialty, in addition to a large number of short-term training courses. Hotel Management School in Lausanne, the delegation listened carefully to presentations, exchange of experience in hotel management education and information, discuss matters relating to teacher training and students studying for classrooms, training rooms, restaurants, dormitories, and other campus-wide Orientation visits, to communicate with Chinese students. Lausanne Hotel Management School on "hotel management is both science and art" of teaching philosophy, students focus on communication and management abilities, alternating theory and practice Teaching, integrating teaching at the activities of teaching methods, and truly embodies the concept of people-oriented personnel training, "Lausanne Mode" to the delegation left a very deep impression. Glion (GLION) School of Hotel Management, founded in 1962, the Swiss government approved the first private university education provided by the School of Hotel Management. All true teaching of the school environment, efficient and thrifty ideas, teacher professional Degree, experience teaching and teaching self-sufficient students, a great inspiration to the mission. European University is well-known business in Europe's top universities, it is an excellent student and teacher has been widely recognized around the world. Program officer with the school mission Dr. Dick Craen was frank enough Exchange, mutual understanding of each other's educational philosophy and educational model for future cooperation and exchange to play into the initial intention. The study tour had a productive session, each to a school, the delegation received a warm reception are not only broaden the horizons, make friends, enrich the educational philosophy, and in teacher training and student exchanges, etc. Reached a cooperation. Before concluding its investigation, the delegation of this inspection activities summarized. It was agreed that it is necessary to recognize the European School educational philosophy and educational model of advanced, but also that we have our own strengths , There are institutional, cultural differences, it is easy to do from the first start, before you can do from the start. The study tours Culinary Institute of Tourism to enhance the current teaching philosophy, teaching methods, improvement of personnel training programs Comprehensive Training Phase II development and building teaching facilities and the layout of the details of the design space has important significance.