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When the mother falls down the stairs hotel

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Recently, living in a hotel Linxia Road, Ms Aw baby holding his arms down just one month, because of defective design of the hotel stairs, Ms Wu and the arms of the infant accidentally fell upstairs and two were injured . Later, Ms Wu claims to the hotel, but the amount of the damages are divided, the two sides failed to reach agreement. At present, the matter is still under negotiation. Mother was a fall down the stairs slip 5 pm yesterday, the western Chinese Commercial News reporters Lai Daowei and Yu Linxia Road, a hotel, saw the question of compensation and hotel side are representations of Ms Wu's relatives and other people Mr. Shen, Mr. Shen's story as told to reporters. Mr. Shen said, December 1 8 pm, Ms Aw baby with a full moon had just come from Xining, Lanzhou, was admitted to this hotel. 9 am the next day, Ms Aw holding a baby out of the room downstairs from the kick Caikong, heavy fall of the stage, her arms holding the baby has been left out, two from the dozen-level maternal and child steps have been rolled into the platform stairs, the baby was gone in silence. Mr. Shen told reporters on the stairs has heard the unusual ring, he looked back and found Manlianshixue Ms Wu has been lying on the ground, he quickly stepped forward to lift up the Ms Wu, Ms Wu has been anxious at this time shouting: "Quick to see the child, to see children Zeyang?" Mr. Shen when viewed from the ground and pick up the child, the baby has no arms of any movement. "At the time no matter how I get, the child is no response, do not cry do not move, I think this problem of the child." Speaking of the baby's situation, Mr. Shen is still appears to be very painful. The hotel is willing to agree on the amount of compensation is difficult After the incident, rushed to Ms Wu and Mr Shen sent to Atlanta two infants to hospital for treatment, diagnosis by the hospital, Ms Wu was the right brow bone fractures, hospital treatment of their wounds were sutured, and Ms Aw baby just one month was initially diagnosed as frightened too, as there is no more serious problem, but also observed a few days after further detailed examination to identify. Mr. Shen that corner of the staircase handrails particularly low, but not blocking the second floor railing at the two highest steps of the staircase, the hotel staircase design that led to Ms Wu unreasonable mother injured, then raised to 5,000 yuan hotel compensation, which the hotel said it could not accept. Hotel Manager He told reporters that the person in charge, he admitted that the hotel's staircase handrail design is unreasonable, but they are renting someone else's floor to open the hotel, they have no right to change stair railing, but they are posted on the wall "Note the stairs," the warning signs to alert customers. Manager He said the hotel should be compensation, so he proposed that Ms Wu Pei Fu mother and examination and treatment, wrong fare, mental loss of the total cost of 2,500 yuan in fees for Mr. Shen, who made 5,000 claims for compensation, the hotel side unacceptable. Yesterday, on the issue of compensation, the hotel Miss Fang Huhu still no agreement. Law point of view: both sides should be actively responsible attitude towards the hotel Peifu Gansu Act into law firm Zhou Xinhao lawyer told reporters after he went to the scene saw that this incident are responsible for hotel and Ms Aw I: hotel staircase design knowledge is unreasonable, only the act of posting a warning, it does not facilities cover the defect, so there will lead to injuries, and strictly speaking, the hotel's facilities do not meet the requirements of a secure channel service establishments, and the hotel also has delayed side with the act, shall have the primary responsibility ; Ms Wu as independent adults have the capacity to accidentally fall down the stairs there are some fault. Mr. Shen Pei Fu amount required is basically reasonable, since the two sides negotiated settlement, the hotel side should take a positive attitude to deal with.