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The concept of overnight hotel chain in China Unicom, Sinopec led the declines

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By strong retail data and the U.S. Federal Reserve will continue to buy treasury bonds to stimulate the economy and other factors support, 14 stocks rose across the board, although before the close of the three major stock indexes rose significantly narrowed, but the Dow and the S & P index is still a record more than two years to the closing high. At the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index closed at 11,476.62 points, up 48.06 points, or 0.42%; the Nasdaq composite index closed at 2627.72 points, up 2.81 points, or 0.11%; Standard & Poor's 500 index closed at 1241.58 points, up 1.12 points, or 0.09%. Chinese stocks fell nearly Qicheng. Downside, the hotel chain led decliners, down 13.23% Ctrip, 7 Days Inn down 10.14%; blue flood or 9.82%, down 7.16% Dangdang, Sina fell 3.5%, down 2.24% Youku. Gainers, China Technology Development Group rose 18%, Fu-dimensional film rose 8.73%, up 6.86% global world, Bo profit rose 6.80%, up 3.71% AutoNavi, San Yuan International rose 3.60%, up 1.19 Mecoxlane %. In addition, iSoftStone rose 27.85% on the first day, the market value of $ 850,000,000. In addition, China ADR rose less or more, China Unicom and Sinopec continue to rise, China Southern Airlines rebounded after several days fell 1.66%, with Sinopec rose 1.36%, up 0.69% China Telecom, China Unicom up 0.62 percent, Sinopec was up 0.27%; SMIC fell 3.63%, Huaneng Power fell 1.04%, PetroChina fell 0.95%.