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The fastfood hot dog of ocean the other shore

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Banger has account the earliest is in B.c. 9 centuries are in Homer's Odyssey 裏. 16 centuries later period lives in the chef Johann Georghehner of German Coburg to promote his banger to Frankfurt. From now on the home that Frankfurt makes sausage.

Frankfurt conducted the activity that a hot dog celebrates 500 years 1987, that is to say the invention of hot dog should be 1487, discover the New World-the Americas the 5th year after in Columbus namely. Vienna and Austrian also believe the birthplace of hot dog is in Frankfurt namely.

Because this discovers, in North America people also thinks hot dog comes from Wu Ou continent it seems that, it is to pass through a butcher to circulate through the transmission of several countries come down. But do you know what hot dog the form with strip appears the first to who is? The immigrant that points out in a report A.d. had to come from Germany 1860 is in new York a street on the road (the hot dog that Bowery) peddles carry out to write this form and milk reach pickle. Click a picture to enter the first page
The history of hot dog

1893 it is hot dog the most important year in the history. In Chicago, colombia brought product of hot dog of heavy consumption of one swarm tourist greatly, because hot dog edible is convenient and the price is not high. A discovery of emeritus historiography doctor Bruch Kraig is German those who have hot dog is to await always like collocation to write biscuit to eat together, this eats a law to also continue all the time up to now. It is the standard food that 1893 this product also turns hot dog into ball game visitting a bar at the same time. This tradition is by a Germany immigrant initiates him to also have a team at the same time.

In addition, the creation that also a lot of people that study hot dog history contend for treatise hot dog, the guest that his lend glove buys him to just gave 爈 hot dog to those avoids the person Anton Feuchtwanger that peddled carry out hot dog from time to tome 1904 very hot hand, but these gloves are major however have borrow without still. Anton Feuchtwanger appeals vexedly the brother at him, their invention sends hot dog finally eat to come so together on roundlet biscuit they do not need to use a glove again, such this eat a law newly to pass through a German immigrant slowly circulated the United States, became American culture.

Also someone says hot dog the invention of these 2 words is 1901 of new York April day, weather Qian is cold at that time, a butcher delays a street to peddle hot dog, the bowl 裏 that is put in a replete hot water heats the hot dog that he sells. He cries greatly " they red heat up again, will quickly sell red the Dachshund Sausage that heats up again " . Tad Dorgan of a caricaturist sees this circumstance this butcher below his very fast picture delays a street to peddle the caricature of hot dog, do not decide Dachshund Sausage because of this caricaturist and law, so simply entitle Hog Dog. Hog Dog hot dog these 2 words also because of this caricature fiery and be left to come by transmission.
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