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Cate of Korea tradition the Mid-autumn Festival

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From of old, mid-autumn duration autumn harvest, food is mid-autumn in season food breed is most, and the new material such as Xin Guxin dish is very rich, its flavour and pattern are very outstanding also. Below introduces 4 kinds of Korea food of traditional mid-autumn delegate.

   Spend muffin: Decorative pattern adds colophony, beautiful of lubricious fragrance all

"Muffin " the name results from a pine needle is spread on evaporate drawer when steamed cake, in case confectionery is stuck on drawer. Beautiful muffin is using withered child or Huluobo, pumpkin catch God like that after color, wait for color lines plus painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style and become. That is to say, make flower, leaf, bird wait with the rice dough that catchs color stickup go up in confectionery, make confectionery has faint colophony already brightly colored, sweet good-looking.

Korea period, on banquet of palace front courtyard little not cry " muffin of of all kinds " food, wait for stuffing besides beans, jujube, chestnut outside general muffin, the flesh such as dish of useful still cress, Xianggu mushroom, Shi Rong, chicken kind do stuffing with scanty dish " the muffin that add stuffing " .

  Taro soup: Number one mid-autumn food, peptic effect

If say food of ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for and other season food distinguish food and Spring Festival somewhat mid-autumn, providing representative food most is taro soup. Mid-autumn because of taro soup around is harvested, it is only so when mid-autumn ability have a taste of what is just in season. Food is rich mid-autumn eat very easily too fully, but should eat only on taro soup sluggish is fed or won't play gut. Taro belongs to alkalescent food, contain a lot ofcellulose again, conduce to not only digest, still can promote constipation of gastric bowel motion, precaution.

   Pattern strings together: Much material " 7 colour coat " , nutrition also full marks

In colour luxuriant food is medium mid-autumn, the end of the first of all is pattern is strung together like that. This is to use the food of of all kinds such as cucumber, carrot, the root of balloonflower, dawdle and egg to be the barbecue that material bakes to string together. Place it round round dish, as 7 colour coat euqally luxuriant, reason is fond of to use more for mid-autumn cate. Pattern is strung together use the meat equably kind with scanty dish kind, so nutrient respect also impartiality to. In place in the center of dish red clam is fried and Fu fish is fried, make nutrition more harmonic.

   The ox that stew is tendinous: Of fleshy dish most, long the ox that stew is tendinous can flavour

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