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The Italy that disappear heat drops in temperature is delicate

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Be in Germany when Italian football sweep blue storm, this summer makes a person about everything Italian be charmed. Respecting Italy, what forget the hardest is meaning type cate. Italian cate besides high, elegance, flavour distinctive besides, still have the effect that disappear heat drops in temperature

 Salad: "Appetizing dish " compensatory body moisture

Remove Chinese style to heat up a fried dish quite, italian habit is in food eats when 67 maturity, kept the nutrient material with original food not only so, still reduced alimental quantity of heat.

Italy is prandial and general can have the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site 5 dish type: First dish, soup (pink of Zuppe) , meaning or braise meal (Risotto) , entree and sweetmeats. First dish namely the Chinese is ripe say " appetizing dish " . Sorching summer, the body needs many moisture to carry movement, the fruit is daily requisite.

End of seafood fruit salad came up, in cheese " lie " the fruit such as move yellow peach, pineapple is pure and fresh and bright; Phoenix end shrimp and squid circle are fresh and tender and lovely; Plus goluptious delicious sauce, carry one spoon entrance, hum, not only mouth likes, the body if just rushed,also be over cool kind of Gan Shuang is fully clean.

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Italian face

 Italian face: Slippery pliable but strong of mouthfeel of cooked wheaten food

Italian cate becames famous most with cooked wheaten food, the slippery pliable but strong of Italian face mouthfeel that makes with wheat, sending out natural Mai Xiang, careful smell, there still is the sunshine taste of warm winter inside, suit summertime edible very much. You can choose form of Italian vegetable soup, meaning the food such as hollow pink and seafood angel face.

Meaning type soup: Drink a cool and refreshing feeling

The first dish that meaning type dish tastes basically is to point to pink of soup, meaning or braise meal. As a result of later still have entree, weight will be so less. Meaning form is soup of boiling water of spicy great food, mushroom of gallinaceous fine and soft, short soup of thick butter clam and soup of Zhi city beef are right choice.

In all sorts of soup, soup of clam of crisp thick butter particularly tastily. There is the crisp skin of a Huang Huang on soup bowl, disclose was defeated, warm warm steam was risked subsequently come out, ladle one agitate, the fresh clam that butter is lapping plunges eye, one spoon enters the mouth, systemic pore can breathe the cool and refreshing flavour of the sea freely.
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