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Taste for bacterium of fast precious of pity expensive Yunnan

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Elephant skin any of several hot spice plants fries dried up bacterium

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Characteristic wild tree is beautiful

Do not think meat meat " fim rice boiled " just be to eat pity is expensively, common saying says " delicacies of every kind " , those come from between mountain forest not so the fungus that has an eye, also be very precious cate. Edible bacterium not only delicious, and nutrition is rich, often be called healthy provision by people, if Xianggu mushroom contains the amino acid with all sorts of indispensible human body not only, still have the cholesterol in reducing blood, effect that treats hypertension.

Yunnan dish is in Guangzhou can be counted on one's fingers, want to make pure Yunnan food, of 90% with expect from local sky carry comes over, cost is very high, so the Yunnan food shop of Guangzhou can live those who come down is very few. One cries " the amorous feelings austral Xin Gui Yuanyun " wine shop was leaving more than 5 years, raw material is more very from Yunnan airborne those who come over, yak flesh and all sorts of feral bacterium, every other is met two days airborne.

All over the world in bacterium of more than kinds of 2000 edible, yunnan province has 600 a variety of, 30% what take sort of world edible bacterium. After monsoon, all sorts of feral bacterium come up out of land in succession, now is best season eating mushroom. The worry that feral bacterium and we have has very big distinction, feral bacterium is artificial implantation not, general a place is collected a few times did not have, there is a folklore in Yunnan, "When saying to collect bacterium, collect cannot look round, the place that bacterium grows after looking won't grow again next time " of course this is a fokelore only, nevertheless enough sees Yunnan is feral of bacterium precious. So I also do not miss this inning that eats mushroom, taste for fast.

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Egg of Bai Zhuozhu Sun

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