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Sample delicate and delightful sanded sago

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Sanded sago is berth comes language, japanese writing pricks a body, pronunciation " Sashimi " , sanded sago is Chinese transliterate and come. Actually, sanded sago is raw slices of fish meat, it is the delegate of Japanese arrange, the country of Japan of it may be said dish. State banquet or civilian entertain guests to be highest ceremony in order to serve raw slices of fish meat. When opening a banquet, let you see a crock of live fish, scoop up now kill now, decorticate go pricking, cut, carry table, dipping in spice is fine fine mastication. Flavor is beautiful cannot character.   The raw material of sanded sago basically has 3 kinds:

(One) fish: For example fish of fish of porgy fish, 3 article, Wei fish, green beautiful fish, bonito fish, weever, needle, dorado.

(2) crustacean: For example shrimp of cuttlefish fish, octopus, sea urchin.

(3) shellfish: For example bare shellfish, Qing Liubei, Wu Bei, abalone, ostracean, Rong Luo, smooth shellfish, China cypress shellfish, elephant unplugs mussel, arctic shellfish, sail establishs shellfish to wait.

Be in Japan, the sea product that can offer what kind sanded sago has more than 100 kinds. As a result of seasonal change, every season can be made an appointment with for the sea product that appear on the market 30 reach 50 kinds, in different season, chef exhibits the sanded sago that sell should be season cate.

The sea product of the sago that do sand wants clean free from contamination, raw material had better be fresh. Live fish, shellfish is superior raw material. Handle through lasting next. Keep to go to the lavatory and carry, the sea product of a lot of work, undertake special treatment is handled on catching wheeler (bloodletting, go splanchnic, enclothe with ice wait for) , be in next last ice bag is put in box, will treated sea product is put into box, sealed good hind, carry cafeteria directly.

The 3rd it is refrigerant article, for example Wei fish height can amount to 2-3 rice, weight is close 400 kilograms. To so big fish, must cut divides shelf, next classics is vacuum-packed, microtherm quick-freeze. So, wei fish red meat, it is refrigerant more inside the abdomen article. Additional, a lot of shellfish, crustacean also have refrigerant article, for example arctic shellfish, sail establishs fish of shellfish, cuttlefish to wait.

With will make the sea product of sanded sago is handled through special treatment, special caution answers in machining a process, prevent to pollute. Such sea product makes the direct raw material of sanded sago namely, these raw material repass knife labour is cut match, can install dish of edible. Do not need to heat cook. Sanded sago is the arrange of " unripe " , it is primitive arrange.
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