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German characteristic biscuit and potato

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German characteristic biscuit and potato

German be one of nations with most biscuit have on the world, exceed 80 kilograms every year on average each. The majority holds raw ingredient, and thick have deal. Biscuit basically is in breakfast edible, this is culture characteristic of Germany.

German biscuit has the branch of big biscuit, bun. Big biscuit can heft 1 kilogram, and what bun indicates is not to add sweet the biscuit of stuffing, it is small and round biscuit only. Big biscuit has a few kinds nearly 20, general 來 says to be base with whole wheat, can add chestnut of rye, buckwheat, sesame seed, 罌 , sweet herb, embryo, walnut, sunflower to wait, although also have white bread (the similar white) that say department, but actually more undesirable. And bun also is the wheat that raises according to above place kind be made, suit to add the conserve with sundry Germany, cheese, ham or cutlet 來 to eat very, although every eat can have biscuit appear, but biscuit is not the leading role on table however. A lot of foreigner of one presence Germany medium or small city 場 , often be as high as tens of planting at the moment the shake of grand picture place of the potato is photographed. 別 suspicion, in German potato it is vegetable not just just, you Wurong gives a person easily the character of satiated feeling, but its position keeps abreast of with Chinese rice, be decide 現 to be in surely every night mensal cate.

Face in all 30 diversiform potato, exquisite and accurate German ambiguous not at all, just distinguish potato of avery kind of a cook pattern that fit, accompany different entree to regard as not only distribute food, still give a lot of delicate countryside cate into one case creation oneself.

Chips is the course of action with visible everywhere, typical still water boils section, Jia Peigen to fry sweet hind stew perfume potato, or it is whole roast, other like mashed potatoes, fry a potato piece, the potato that the stew that add the meat boils or cold meats salad, also be familiar cook pattern.

Say with potato salad 來 , like to add bishop vinegar besides German south. Major place is the potato of means 來 processing that boils with water. In addition, still have a famous cooked food, main course of action is the mashed potatoes dolly adds flour and egg, the water after form of make it pill boils a potato to be become namely, or it is to add parched 絞 meat at will, earth up root, onion to wait feed capable person, it is the renown dish with German Bavarian north.

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