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Know strange Thailand cate style

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Agelong the Thailand of place oneself phlogistic summer, as a result of the cause of climate, local loves to have the taste with hot acid, in order to taste thicker food comes the languid lazy feeling of pare phlogistic summer. The green of Thailand is vegetable, seafood, the fruit is extremely rich. Because this Thailand dish is used,expect basically give priority to with seafood, fruit, vegetable. Of Thai prandial it is it is staple food with a bowl of big rice, assist with path or one two curry arrange, a fish, a soup, and a salad (lettuce kind) , have dinner order was not paid attention to, along with individual be fond of. The mug-up after eat is season fruit or shortbread normally, egg, coconut grandma, palmy candy made-up is various desert. Because have advantaged advantage greatly, thailand dish is accordingly colourful, red green alternate with, eye view is admirable, be fruit of fresh vegetable snake melon without giving thought to is gorgeous and pure and fresh, still be the fleshy feeling of the numerous seafood such as cuttlefish, squid, make people big full the good luck of seeing sth rare. Thailand dish with acerbity, hot attach most importance to, taste the person that tastes Thailand dish to be able to feel the condiment of Thailand dish is very distinctive first generally, having a lot of condiment is southeast Asia it is Thailand is peculiar even, home searchs to be not worn. A few kinds of the most commonly used condiment have:

Any of several hot spice plants of Thailand day day: Allegedly, any of several hot spice plants of Thailand day day is the hottest chili on the world. Thai calls chili of " mice excrement " . It is thus clear that this is a kind of minimum but extremely hot chili. It applies extensively in the cook art of Thai, do dish not to scatter on a few mincing Chao Tianjiao, just like eat plain dish not to add hemp hot same.

Thailand lemon: Thailand lemon Thai calls "MANAO" , this is a kind of southeast Asia flavors peculiarly fruit, flavour and individual have not at American citric taste slightly sweet, (The dressing that American lemon makes bar beer CORONA only commonly) and Thailand lemon is small, flavour acid, fragrance is full-bodied, often make the person that has sniffed its scent lifelong and unforgettable, it can be taken make lemon juice drink, beer popular medicine, the mainest use is to use the condiment that makes Thailand food, thai is met in each dish almost crowded on lemon juice, make each dish sends out a full-bodied fruit faint scent, contain typical southeast Asia flavor. Thai can say to feed without the fish, but cannot do not have "MANAO" .

Curry sauce: With coconut breast regards curry as the basic condiments of sauce, still a lot of flavoring include citric grass, shrimp paste, piscine sauce, and the flavor that ten kinds of this locality cultivate, chili, by arrive blandly extremely hot have, hold the post of a person to choose. Thailand culture gets the influence of India and Chinese culture, someone says the father of Thailand culture is India. From inside Thailand dish the influence of curry sauce can be experienced.
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