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The preexistence this life of flummery and jelly

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Mango flummery

The jelly raw material of flummery can be corn starch, also can use manioc starch, the pudding that makes with corn starch is cooling condition of epigenesis knot aspic, cut hind shows the lump that stand firm; When making jelly raw material with manioc starch, flummery is softer, just condense liquid raw material simultaneously and cannot stand firm. When normally cake master does flummery to send, like a corn starch and manioc starch to be used together, can make flummery sends stuffing softer and belt shedding sex.

Cherry jelly

Jelly also calls be addicted to Li, glittering and translucent get rid of appears its exterior, mouthfeel is soft slip, it is a kind of low heat energy food of health of tall prandial fibrous. The producer goods of jelly basically is white sugar, card pulls glue, manna glue, calcic, natrium, sylvite to wait. The colloid of jelly is the refrigeration after pulling glue, manna glue to mix candy boil by card condense and become, card pulls glue is the sea algae, manna glue is the candy of Pu Gan Ju that from Tian Naxing the extraction in division plant gives, it is natural plant polysaccharide, both all belong to water-solubility prandial fiber.

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