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The key that takes Vietnam course depends on fish sauce

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Original to Vietnam the deepest also impression is to come from Dulasi of the wording and purpose of what one writes " lover " , sway the Mekong of strange looks, like the blossomy girl, love that still has beauty of that paragraph of chilly... later, understand Vietnam to still have a lot of wonderful place gradually, for example, vietnam dish.

Compare with photograph of arrange of other southeast Asia, vietnam food taste appears relaxed read smoothly; Compare with Chinese meal photograph, vietnam dish much wipe exotic taste; Compare with Western-style food photograph, vietnam dish more be good at using all sorts of spice... as a result of all these, make Vietnam dish sends out an inviting amorous feelings, although not full-bodied, a long time ago however and profound...

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Dish of relaxed and delicate Vietnam

  Dish of relaxed and delicate Vietnam

Acerbity acid is sweet, of adscititious little hot, this is the impression that the cate of country of a lot of southeast Asia gives a person. Actually, they are in be the same as discrepant, the place of detail sees a difference oneself. Compared with the arrange of Thailand and Malaysia and other places, the taste of Vietnam dish appears relaxed read smoothly became much, average person is relaxed to the immediate sense of Vietnam dish not fat, not only lubricious fragrance has both, craft is more meticulous and exquisite, have culture color quite. Compare with photograph of ox, sheep, pig, fish, shrimp kind the staple food that is them, sort of green vegetables fruit is various. As a result of adopy the dietary culture with Chinese food harmonic yin and yang, the cook of Vietnam dish is the heaviest relaxed, raw ingredient, boil with evaporate, stew of barbecue, 焗, cold and dressed with sause is given priority to, the person that the boiler that heat up oil is fried is less. Even if a few be thought relatively " suffer from excessive internal heat " deepfry or barbecue dish, much also meeting deserves to go up the 9 dish of fresh lettuce, mint, towers, small cucumber dish that can eat raw together edible, in order to achieve " go below oil fire " effect.

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Use at tone when Vietnam cook sweet article

 Move popular method be unique in one's style

Vietnam dish pays attention to color, sweet, flavour very much, when dry green of oil of fish sauce, green, blast and earthnut break bead is cook, use at moving sweet 4 big King Kong. The Jiaoxiang of dry green of the aroma of oil of sweet, green, blast mixes the delicacy of fish sauce the faint scent of earthnut broken bead is Vietnam dish to grace indeed many. And the Chongzhongzhi that the use of flavor is Vietnam dish more is heavy, with Indian flavor the biggest distinction depends on, the flavor of Vietnam is done with new plant. Lemongrass, it is Vietnam dish in the most commonly used the spice that flavors to a kind, contain a full-bodied flower sweet; Citric grass, basil, mint, celery graces to Vietnam dish many; Onion, scallion, Ou Qin brings exotic emotional appeal for Vietnam dish again. On the practice normally the flesh kind after using flavor souse again cook, such making fragrance " force " pledge into the flesh, talking around is unripe between mastication sweet. According to introducing, although this locality also has similar flavor, but gust is different however, the spice that so place of general Vietnam dish uses can carry directly from Vietnam come over.
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