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Breath out a history of Da Sibing cream

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The cream of the Da Sibing that breath out a root of fashionable whole world was born at new York cloth 1921 a family of Lang Kesi city. 20 centuries the fifties, bring about a lot of ice-cream manufacturer by the development at refrigerant technology and science and technology to mix more air in the product, stabilizing agent and antiseptic are restricted with extending the expiration period of the product and reduce management cost.
Before making ice-cream quality is inferior to greatly consequently, at that time Reuben. Ma Tesi (Reuben Mattus) establish next great aspirations to want production pure natural, high quality, the ice-cream product with superexcellent gust, let common people enjoy truly high quality ice-cream delicate.

He produced the ice-cream of 3 kinds of taste at that time, sweetgrass, chocolate and coffee, basically offer the product to a few advanced dining-room and shop. Public praise carries, product at name formally 1961 for " Haagen-Dazs "

Haagen-Dazs Ma Tesi is fastened according to boreal Europe language and create, because,this is he year young when Ceng Zaidan wheat has tasted him to think best ice-cream, apply this phylum to be product denomination so.

Nowadays, be in complete beauty not only, in the whole world it is extremely welcome brand. No matter be over there, mention " Hagendasi " , people can remember extremely delicate and inviting ice-cream, be in China also is such, she appears more the elephant is high grade life symbolizes with what savour.

Hagendasi advocates " to all be enjoyed to the top of one's bent, to the queen's taste the lifestyle of " , encourage people to go after high quality life to enjoy. Offerring ice-cream while, hagendasi is paid attention to very much build a kind of atmosphere, make sample cream of the Da Sibing that breath out a root makes a kind of unforgettable experiences. . This namely " Hagendasi momently " .

Hagendasi uses pure natural data, do not contain any antiseptic, manufacturing pertumers, stabilizing agent and pigment. Of defatted grandma choose more will delicate as excellent as health confluence. Magazine of new York times ever gifted Hagendasi " the Laosilaisi in ice-cream " good name.

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