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The 4 names of Chinese that twine feelings face

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Face of Beijing fried bean sauce

 Face of fried bean sauce

To the impression of old Beijing, be being drawn the outline of immediately in brain is a bareheaded, there is towel on the shoulder, crouch below a large pagoda tree, carrying a big bowl, suck smooth suck smooth taking side of fried bean sauce, still gnawing Chinese rhubarb melon and garlic, come again the mouth is small 2 or the Beijing fellow of general Beijing. Spoke of face of fried bean sauce to reflect the style of old Beijing truly, everyday but very exquisite, all sorts of sauce scale, 6, code of 7 kinds of dish, appearing in ordinary food metropolitan model.

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Shanxi knife cuts an area

Shanxi knife cuts an area

The knife cuts a face completely by the knife, because this gets a name. With the knife (or quadrate tagger) cut dough Cheng Liuxie shape enters Shang Zhong (knife method is different can cut a flat look or) of noodle of 3 arris form, some ace can be minutely cut a 130 much knives (the top of head is cut, both hands is cut, two cut law waiting for ability to belong to acrobatics ability law, the noodle division of master degree distains more this) . The knife cuts the face page that give, in webbing is thin, arris sharp edge is trenchant, leaf of willow of be similar in shape; Slip outside the entrance inside muscle, soft and do not stick, chew sweeter more!

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The heat of Wuhan works a side

The heat of Hubei Wuhan works a side

Those who use is buck face, the face has been boiled beforehand. When eating, the alkaline surface butter oil crosses a in the boiled water of boiling hot, filter drops water, taking the advantage of that hot interest to hurry the attune such as juice of water of a soy, vinegar, gourmet powder, peppery, garlic, ginger, broken hot pickled mustard tuber, small sesame oil arrives in the face, most the most crucial is to want to drench to the face the appetizing sesame paste of the deep coffee of a mix up, scatter again finally go up bit of chopped green onion, a bowl of reeky hot dry side appears in you at the moment. Because face filter dropped redundant moisture, mixing again sesame paste, the face works with respect to what appear special; And the face is just scoop up from boiled water, still risking steam, so entitle of just as its name implies " hot dry side " .
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