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Hainan the 4 big vegetable of the most negative great reputation

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Hainan island abbreviation " fine jade " , because teem with coconut tree, reason has again " coconut island " say. This coasting is as long as the big island of more than 1500 kilometers, element with " Hainan chicken meal " famed. Actually, the gust dish type of Hainan island not merely blindly, still have " chicken of Bai Qiewen prosperous " , " Hainan fine accumulate duck " , " Bai Zhidong's goat " and " sauce fining jade and happy crab " , close say " Hainan 4 names dish " .

   Cut article prosperous chicken in vain Hainan the traditional name dish of the most negative great reputation, so-called " 4 names dish " head. Article prosperous chicken is chicken of a kind of high grade fatten, because originate in,get a name, its characteristic is the body not big, Mao Sexian short foot of colourful, wing short, body is round a smooth, skin is thin Hua Shuang and fleshy qualitative fat.

The tradition of article prosperous chicken has a way is Bai Qie, the sauce that dipping in to eat is quintessential place; Match the rice that with gallinaceous oil chicken broth essence cooks at the same time, common says " gallinaceous meal " . Prosperous chicken is in Bai Qiewen Hainan no matter banquet or domestic dish all send use, and in Hong Kong, southeast Asia one belt also suffers praise highly fully, fame is filled quite.

   Hainan fine accumulate duck fine accumulate duck, common says " time duck " , it is the thoroughbred duck that one's early years of overseas Chinese of book fining jade introduces from abroad, its raise a method very special: Feed to small duck young first eat shrimp of fresh water small fish or earthworm, cockroach, after about 2 months, when growing at the beginning of small duck feather, raise in circlet circle again, contractible its territory, mix with candy of rice, rice hold small conglomeration to feed feed, blossom after 20 days fleshy duck.

Fine the flesh that accumulates duck is qualitative, special depend on duck flesh fleshy, Pi Bai slipping fragile, between flesh more clip wears thin adipose, particularly honey, its cook a method various, but can reflect former juice former taste most with Bai Qie, consequently most famous.

   Bai Zhidong's goat The goat originates in 10 thousand peaceful counties east east mountain ridge. Flow of spring of exuberance of Shi Lin Xun, wood, pleasant is blamed on mountain; And the goat that put in a suitable place to breed, hair color is pitch-black shine, leather tender flesh is thick, delicious, without fishy smell. Take the place of early in the Song Dynasty as it is said, the goat labels royalty articles of tribute east, period of the Republic of China, nanjing government also includes his " presidential government office " board is single, it is well-known in the world more now. With east the cate that the goat cooks, to the south of of mountain ridge guesthouse " Bai Zhidong's goat " provide most representative.
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