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Rental rate hire drops apparently hasten of investment of hotel type apartment i

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Investor signs up for (Zhu Yi of contributor of engage by special arrangement) 2008, beijing MASTER gets contain it may be said to earn sufficient the eyeball of people. In a year of time of project face city, its advertisement blots out the sky and cover up the earth on the home page that the ground appears in each big door website. And, it also gave in a satisfactory exam paper: Piao ripples neighs Zheng  writes down?10 of  of be buried alive with the dead of earnestly of  of Dang of  of dust  Mian to cover slightly.

But of stare tongue-tied letting a person is, project of apartment of this hotel type, in incomplete abstruse meeting concludes to made an ad that day: MSpecial offer room is rolled out before ASTER gets contain to look 19700 yuan / square metre, clothbound is repaired, send complete set entrance furniture, home appliance, show a room to be entered, 3.6 meters of layers are tall, 60-70-110 square metre is complete clothbound door.

The project that in the time of nearly 5 months before the Olympic Games work off controls 110 sets, fall continuously actually 9300 yuan / square metre. Personage analysis says major of travel of some famous international representative: Boil frequency bright humorous >  of male hare abundant steps on magnesian frequency bright treasure of  of litter of majestic of fatigued of the  austral anxious  ⒌ : ?

Rental rate, hire drops apparently

Below the hype of Olympic Games concept, hotel type apartment sells " mad " . But according to " investor signs up for " investigation, the rental rate of hotel type apartment is at present insufficient however 40% . "Close lock of white extremely big door, in the evening dark " . This is the best description with tall house of rate of empty to hotel type apartment buy. Drive car passes a few hotel type boarding house of Beijing in the evening, people can notice, the building with very few lamplight is conspicuous all the more in urban colorfully decorated lantern.
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