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Guangzhou autumn is handed in meeting be about to kick off hotel guest room is o

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CCTV network news (for a short while) : This month 15, guangzhou autumn is handed in can be about to kick off, in former years this moment, hotel guest room explodes early full, but arrive this year at present, guangzhou has 4 to be booked into hotel guest room only, the personage inside course of study is analysed, this and world economy are stagnant, ginseng exhibit travelling merchant to may decrease about.

Fair still has a week to kick off, reporter from the urban district understanding of each big public house arrives, booking a circumstance overally is not very hot. Be being booked 4 in becoming hotel guest room, of 4 stars and 5 stars class occupy 70 % above. Get the influence with economic not quite good environment, the hotel books started comparison this year slow, because this is not little,the hotel depreciates accordingly.

Be less than the Guangzhou hotel that the end does not depreciate before, lower social status early this year, exhibit this year the 3rd period, hotel quote of whole has dropped to ferial level. During Fair of in former years quite welcome " short rent a house " also lose effect this year, occupy Pa continent to exhibit the estate intermediary near the house to say, clinch a deal at present the quantity decreases than in former years 3 to 5 into above. They think to cause the cause of this one phenomenon, it is on one hand in recent years the grow in quantity of economy hotel, make short hire a room to lose price dominant position, and because,the mainest likelihood still is, world economy depression is caused ginseng exhibit travelling merchant to decrease.

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