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Economy hotel grabs the future inside beach Tianjin city two years to will add 3

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Current, convenient, comfortable economy hotel became personage of nonlocal business affairs to come the first selection that sweat lodges, this also is brought so that many hotel brands grab market of beach Tianjin economy hotel. Reporter from have sectional know, future of the 6 districts inside city will add 30 economy hotel newly 2 years.

These 30 economy that add newly hotel includes Chinese front yard, wait like the home, Gelinhaotai, basically center in periphery of area of the business affairs inside city.

Just be in new store settle the Chinese front courtyard of peaceful area is quick standing vice-president Cheng Jun represents the public house, in recent years, line of business of Tianjin industry, service grows quickly, the be well versed in of the main road such as high speed of border of Beijing ferry city, brought billow passenger flow for economy hotel, market potential is tremendous. Current, the to Tianjin market expectation cost inside course of study is higher, the storefront that hopes to increase in Tianjin amount, raise the market to have rate.

It is reported, although " 11 " the golden week already passed, but of economy hotel enter rate still reside do not fall high. Each economy hotel has 8 generally to become above enter rate, some hotels demand exceeds supply even, occurrence guest room explodes full circumstance.

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