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Hotel of Xinjiang of Beijing tourist experience " go regular "

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Lin Lei and marital Liu Jianzhang come from Beijing together Xinjiang travels, when travel is about to end, they however the time difference because of a hour, encountered hotel industry " go regular " .

On October 7 before dawn 5 when, long-distance car of Kuerle reachs Urumqi city, 98 quick hotels deal with the beneficial home that Lin Lei and husband are taking baggage to be located in Yellow River road accommodation formalities. "We enter 2506 rooms of the hotel at that time, the price is everyday 98 yuan. " Lin Lei says, in pay after 300 yuan of cash pledge, they rest. "The clerk informs we want to be in October 7 midday 14 when before return a house. " Lin Lei says, oneself did not realize should enter that day returned a house that day.

"After we get up in the morning, the accommodation gathering that discovers oneself by go up write entering time was on October 6 before dawn 5 when. " Lin Lei says, be 7 days are entered obviously, how indescribable shifted to an earlier date one day? Subsequently, lin Lei asked this hotel be on duty manager. "The manager tells me, the computer program set of the hotel, always before dawn is entered before 6 o'clock calculate that day, enter after 6 o'clock calculate morrow. So although we are to be in what 7 days of before dawn enter before 6 o'clock, but printing by when those who show is date of 6 days. " Lin Lei says, if know this at that time " go regular " if, she perhaps can consider to defer a hour. "With respect to the regulation because of unidentified liquor store, the time difference of a hour is about room of a day expends much pay. The time difference of a hour is about room of a day expends much pay..
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