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Economy hotel fortification suffers favour information network to aid its to dev

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Message of the message when Jin Yang " 11 " the golden week has gone, when much class hotel enters the star to lead gradually fall after a rise when, distributing to still maintain those who be as high as 90% above to be entered in the much home economy of fortification hotel rate. As we have learned, outside eliminating economic material benefit, system of convenient and quick the network that book a room is aided those who pushed economy public house is tall enter rate.

As we have learned, order the guest of the room through the network, very large proportion was held in the passenger source of economy hotel. Be in what just go " 11 " between long holiday, more than 10 economy hotel enters fortification to lead achieved 100% . Say according to hotel clerk, if the guest was not booked beforehand, basically did not take a room that day. "7 days of hotels " downstage staff member tells a reporter, want to book a room quickly, best means is to carry a network.

Tourist ever the lady says, as people travel and business affairs activity frequent, a lot of people like him to arrange the route, accordingly, low-cost, live comfortable, the economy that can book through the network hotel makes the first selection of people. The hotel website that wants entry pitch on only is referred after booking information, the housing that can obtain a hotel to give out confirms information, very convenient and quick.

The reporter discovers in interview, it is the network books flourishing not only, of mobile phone short message and WAP engage a service, let passenger go on a journey plan to be provided more can charge a sex, get the citizen's favour.
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