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Wide hand in meeting hotel to leave " spring " astral class hotel books the pric

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Once needed a government " highest price fixing makes " of skill curb price wide make meeting hotel trade, today had been reached by market adjustment highest price fixing makes the government less than. Compared with " administrative hand " , billowy this year and come " the hand of the market " your hotel industry is anxious: In former years is wide meet a week before can kicking off, the room of hotel early days already total number explodes full, distance autumn is handed in meeting only remnant between a few climate, whole town public house is booked rate is insufficient still 50% , the case is severe.

The author called east a few days ago guest Inside the Guangzhou city such as big public house of house, China a few big famous hotel of 5 stars class, discovery all can order the public house during Fair.

Compare with photograph of in former years, wide this year hand in during the meeting the price of each hotel inside city all differs degree glides, depreciate on average 300-500 or so yuan. The author understands from partial hotel, because book a circumstance,not be very ideal, so the price of the hotel is mixed the corresponding period kept balance last year, the hotel of SamSung is commonly 1000, 1200 yuan, 4 stars are 1500, 1600 yuan, and 5 stars are controlled 2000 yuan namely.

South · of lake nation force western Zheng Nianjun of holiday director vise general manager expresses, bead public house of region of trigonometry week border district joins competition is to cause wide one of matters that make price of can indoor hotel reduce, the adds newly ceaselessly hotel inside city just is to depreciate essential, sweet case lira, Lisi the start business of hotel of class of many 5 stars such as imperial crown of Kaerdu, halcyon, Jun Yue, seascape, together with Zhuhai, Shenzhen also will hold small-sized Fair at the near future, billabong many travelling merchant, make the hotel of Guangzhou Fair is supplied very enough, competition is increased, eye anteroom price goes low is inevitable trend.
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