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The price carries rise sales volume to turn over a farmhouse earth dish to stari

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"Salt bakes potato " , " Bao of chicken of dried vegetable earth " ... be in nowadays more than Yao, besides " farmhouse is happy " , 5 stars level can take to together to this all the same in the hotel greatly qualitative actor is delicious, already zoology has agrestic distinguishing feature again " farmhouse earth dish " .

Guesthouse of more than Yao is hotel of class of a of place 5 stars. Recently, deer of place of a special introduction appeared to well balanced inside the hotel of countryside farming by-product reveal a stage. With these farming by-product for raw material Make the cooked food that make, published the table of the hall of elegance not only, and became a client to chase after hold in both hands " popular dish " .

Guesthouse purchases department manager Ni Zhongliang to be opposite these farmhouse earth dish very self-identity: "The guest likes green not to have the food of social effects of pollution very much now. Cervine booth countryside is located in 4 bright a mountainous area, produce farming by-product all belongs to green not to have food of social effects of pollution, zoology advantage is very clear. This year during red bayberry section, guesthouse ever tried to well balanced with the deer the produce such as chicken of the taro of countryside, potato, earth is raw material, rolled out a batch of dish. Every dishes of dish go up desk, saw an end very quickly, sales volume is good breathtaking. Sales volume is good breathtaking..

After savor benefit, hotel of class of this 5 stars wells balanced with the deer countryside formed two pairs of supply and demand actively. The high mountain season such as the treatment product such as jujube of the dried vegetable of cervine booth countryside, bamboo shoot that bake, sweet potato and whip bamboo shoot, potato, corn is vegetable, and the pasturage product such as the earthy chicken of zoology breed aquatics, aardvark, goat, in a steady stream walks out of hill door ceaselessly, became this hotel " frequenter " .
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