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Detail service individuation designs quick hotel competition is intense

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Latter, the competition that interlinks quick hotel is increasingly intense, the detail that the businessman relies on to promote his in succession serves and increase personalized design to attract a tourist to be entered, send use the annulet such as the season fruit inside bicycle, wireless network, special playroom and room shopping bag, freely the section makes a tourist satisfied.

Before before long to Mr Liu that Beijing travels says to the reporter: "I went out this to choose to interlink quick hotel all right, the feeling is very satisfactory, especially the free bicycle that the hotel offers went to the lavatory I arrive the tourist attraction amuse oneself all round, the environmental protection that when be being entered, gives shops bag also leave out the trouble that polybag buys when I shop. " some quick hotel controller introduces to the reporter, to build sweet and pure and fresh environment, make the guest is entered more comfortable, the hotel still introduced era to receive the service such as compote of express, room, milk, a lot of live the guest also expresses, the service has these detail to be enjoyed in advanced hotel ability only previously, appear in quick hotel nowadays, the sexual price that raised quick public house undoubtedly is compared.

As we have learned, in recent years, in the whole nation like the quick hotel such as the home, Mo Tai, Chinese front courtyard many cities opened chain store, at the same time the newly emerging force such as orange hotel also is in ceaselessly emerge in large numbers, the competition of quick hotel is increasingly intense, a lot of storefront begin to be designed to individuation and serve development, the reporter notices, some chain hotel still rolled out on any account the special room such as rice of couch of shop, couch choose for the client. In addition, as the network gain ground, the network service such as room of broadband, wireless network, computer also became the link with contemporary and quick indispensable hotel, miss Zhu that goes to work in some network company says: "Journey of this golden week the quick hotel that I chose to contain wireless network designedly, visit the tourist attraction that pass by day so, can upload the photograph in the evening, communicate with friends. Communicate with friends..
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