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Alliance invests 200 million dollar to contain force to add hotel of beer, artic

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Big talk, east alliance dialog is met will pull open on October 17 prelusive, after print of message classics our newspaper goes out, cause the attention of many citizens, be opposite especially big talk and east the association circumstance of alliance is very interested. The reporter does from affairs concerning nationals living abroad of external affairs of big talk city yesterday wait for concerned branch to understand, big talk and east alliance interacts in recent years frequent, result is shown at the beginning of economic communication and collaboration.

Alliance invests two hundred and forteen million four hundred and forty thousand dollar in big talk east

Occupy number of statistic of branch of city business affairs to show, 1988 up to now, allied country home invests the foreign capital company that create to have 223 in the our city east, among them Chinese-foreign joint venture 48, cooperate enterprise 3, foreign capital enterprise 172. The contract always invests four hundred and sixty-six million three hundred and ten thousand dollar, contract foreign capital two hundred and forty-five million six hundred and forty thousand dollar,

The investment of allied country home involves each trades such as service line of business, manufacturing industry and agriculture east, serve course of study and manufacturing industry to be managed best among them. Investment amounts to on the proprietor of an enterprise of ten million wants to have: 100 million benefit amount to big public house of Wen Hua of limited company of brew of Hainan Asia Pacific Ocean, Hainan, Hainan 10 thousand benefit promote industrial limited company, Hainan industrial development limited company, Hainan is argent coastal buy course of study limited company.
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