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The hotel brushs bowl client to bury Chan Jiang to receive tableware to disinfec

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Be a client to prepare to disinfect tableware is the obligation of restaurant originally, there are many hotels however nowadays will " alexipharmic tableware uses fee " the Zhang that includes a client is odd, your a lot of consumer feel indissoluble: Should be the charge that disinfects tableware assumed by the client?

Recently, the reporter is in the urban district a few hotels, restaurant is pleasant to the eye, the alexipharmic tableware of suit already was put before consumer repast go up in table, the surface that model seals imprints commonly have " alexipharmic tableware, cost of production a yuan " model of written characters, the face includes bowl chopsticks, teacup, saucer to wait in. Classics inquiry, the clerk all expresses, alexipharmic tableware is belonged to paid use, every make Expense a yuan, because restaurant does not provide free dinner service, "Alexipharmic tableware " also need not get with.

Be in near triumphal way in shop of a plain food, the reporter sees model zips writing " wholesome supervisory branch is examined and approve first times " , " if disagree not to seal off please, make every cover cost a yuan " wait for model of written characters. Face the reporter's question, ground of clerk not worry at all says: "Now such. " a few are thinking in the consumer of repast, providing wholesome dinner service is the one part that meal serves, operator do not answer additional collect fees. "This kind collects fees be equal to is we paid the cash that brushs a bowl for restaurant. " Mr Li expresses furious.

This charge answer after all not should collection? City disappear assist staff member answer: This kind collects fees not accord with reason, basis " Food Sanitation Law " and " disappear law " relevant provision, meal industry is accountability the dinner service that provides classics disinfection to accord with national sanitation standard for consumer, its charge already was included it is in management cost. Operator collects fees instead of service of form a complete set service, essence is to covert reduce service level, enroach on the option of consumer.
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