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Hilton is the whole world along He Huicheng optimal chain hotel

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All previous classics harships of 85 years, "Hilton " the pronoun that has become chain public house almost nowadays. In April 2002, in " global finance " the reader of the magazine chooses an activity in, hilton the hotel is judged to be " the whole world is optimal chain hotel " . This is not first time any more, in numerous and independent investigation, hilton is regarded as one of best hotel brands. The ground that people chooses it is: Safe, cleanness and convenient. But actually, the whole world is close the hotel does not belong to 500 Hilton however same a boss.

If restrospect to 1949, thing not fathomless. That year of Hilton international company from Hilton the fractionation in restaurant company comes out, become an independent subsidiary, 1964 Appear on the market in new York. Came 1967 between 1987, hilton international is bought 3 times, overcome for Lai De Bulu by predecessor finally (Ladbrok) the group buys the Xierduji of the group. Although a few easy a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord, but the style of the hotel maintained Hilton to agree from beginning to end however. Current, restaurant company has Hilton in American home " Hilton " brand access, and in many 200 Hilton besides the United States hotel criterion be subordinate to belongs to Hilton international company, the whole world books the Hilton that the only between two companies contacts consist in even if can handle phone of 3 ten million every year to book system.

"Be in each days, each hotel, by tens of thousands the first-class service that employee meets Hilton to offer them proudly to be able to be enjoyed for the client " . Is Rob special? Dirk expresses, he is Hilton the senior vice president that restaurant company is in charge of brand management and market. The point of view with Dirk is exceptionally unanimous, hilton Mack of vice president of international company marketing? Aston also thinks: Unplug  of apology of fade of which collate Ze cuts cheek chasm ostrich of silk of grave of chasm of cheek of ┬ Pai Wo slaughters Chi of  of Li Mei Mu!
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