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Hotel travel industry: Travel spending reflected certain tenacity

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Integral situation excel anticipates, came true to grow compared to the same period.

Be restricted during the Olympic Games row , below the influence of multiple and adverse element such as snow calamity, earthquake, countrywide travel topological features is gloomy first half of the year; The market is opposite generally this second the first after holiday is reformed " 11 golden weeks " expect somewhat. According to the data that tourism bureau published the country on October 5, 119 sign up for what key tourist attraction came true to recieve person-time and income to grow smoothly compared to the same period continuously, formed inside year first domestic travel height. And the data of statistical bureau is more hopeful, 11 during, volume of countrywide total tourist rises 22.1% compared to the same period, travel income the corresponding period grows 24.2% .

The get warm again after a cold spell of topological features of the travel in the golden week showed the tenacity that travel consumes from certain level, also let us anabiosis to sex of 9 years of industries some more confidence.

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