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Global economy environment is stagnant today autumn wide hand in meeting Donggua

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In new Guangdong net on October 13 report (reporter Li Yingmin) Fair of import and export merchandise of the 104th China will kick off at was in Guangzhou on October 15, dongguan each are big the hotel is in for wide hand in can make active preparation while, of major public house book a circumstance to be compared however the corresponding period dropped last year two into above.

Dongguan leaves wide hand in the car Cheng that Pa continent international exhibition center has the can closest Guangzhou that exhibit a house one hour only, have numerous hotel of 5 stars class, annual wide hand in meeting for each hotel to Dongguan, it is the season of a results undoubtedly. However, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, appear very quiet this year, "Rise in price " 2 words are become no longer wide hand in the pronoun of the meeting. In on one wide hand in can rise a happy event of more than 60% will ascended a hotel to make the decision that does not rise in price this, rich the discount still is enjoyed euqally when be filled with a hotel to order Fang Genping.

While in guest room price comparing drops before and the service promotes ceaselessly, current wide hand in the guest room of the meeting to book rate did not make most hotel satisfactory however. According to introducing, at present of major public house book rate only 4 is become 6 into the left and right sides, the hotel with part and Guangzhou far distance is achieved only two into, and did not appear to exploded last year full circumstance.

Cafe of abundant peaceful garden expresses about personnel, the autumn last year is wide hand in during the meeting, of their hotel enter rate is average maintain in 7 become 9 into, have two days of full at full strength among them, and maintain only this year in 5 into above. Concerned personnel thinks, the hotel is entered of rate decreasing basically is to suffer depression of economic big environment and stock market wave motion to affect.
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