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Raise action: The health that how lives in the hotel comfortable

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Not be all hotels can give you to offer absolute safety and clean plush bedgown, although hotel of 5 stars class also can have potential bacterium. 20 action teach under you if Where the hotel is comfortable, healthy safe.

1. Take oneself sheet. If you are oppugned to the sanitation of the hotel, the good-sized sheet shop on the belt is on hotel sheet, need not worry about hidden dirt and bacterium.

2. Long sleeve bedgown is mixed on the belt long sleep pants. If you worry about the sanitation of hotel bedding, the bedgown that puts on oneself and sock sleep.

3. The bed just uses those who sleep. Do not work on the bed, have a thing. Also do not lie on the bed to watch TV. Because,be not just wholesome, so do still can conduce to you falling asleep.

4. The choice prevents allergic room. Although yourself is not allergic, also can enter these rooms to prevent cold and flu. A few hotels can be offerred prevent allergic article, for instance face guard, special pillow and sheet, but you yourself must be asked for to the hotel.

5. Choose contemporary hotel. The accommodation of Victoria period adds breakfast attractive really and advanced, but old hotel room and public section can have allergen and dirt probably. Was thought healthy, choose the contemporary hotel with a high quality.

6. The choice is located in 3 buildings above, the room under 7 buildings. Most theft happens in layer of just a little, and the floor that general scaling ladder cannot reach 7 buildings above.

7. Choose a hotel, is not motel. This basically is to be safe for the purpose of. If can reach your room very easily from the parking lot, suffer burglar patronage very easily so. There also can be a lot of to come from the dirt of the doorway and allergen when opening the door.
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