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Hotel dining 67 hospitalized suspected food poisoning

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August 21, a number of people eating lunch Tianchang Sky Hotel, one after another nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms of suspected food poisoning. August 23, reporters from the Tianchang Food Safety Committee was informed that 93 cases no less hospitalization, there are still 67 people in hospitals and patient Chinese medicine hospital in the city hospital for treatment, patient's condition stable; accident Big Sky The hotel also has been sealed by the local health department. Zero am August 22, Tianchang Chinese Medicine Hospital, People's Hospital of suspected food poisoning after another part of the admissions staff, patients were nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, chills, fever and other symptoms, and in the Aug. 21 dinner at noon to have a unified history, initial diagnosis of suspected food poisoning. Reflect the circumstances of receiving the hospital, Tianchang Food and Drug Administration, Health Bureau, Health Authority, the CDC overnight organize relevant personnel to patients in hospital with suspected food poisoning case related to the investigation and timely patient vomit and excrement sampling, the Sky Hotel, dining on-site supervision and inspection and sampling of suspected food poisoning related to, and seized the hotel. The morning of August 22, Tianchang Food Safety Commission held an emergency meeting, requested City People's Hospital of Chinese Medicine Hospital and the city full treatment of patients to ensure patient safety, and established a special investigation team of the event, and the city's investigation of the food and beverage companies, resolutely prevent similar incidents. As at 9:00 on August 23, Tianchang Chinese Medicine Hospital, People's Hospital there are 67 suspected food poisoning in hospitalized patients, after treatment, the patient stable condition and no critical cases. At present, medical treatment, epidemiological investigation, the incident investigation and other work is conducted in an orderly.