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Foreign capital whacks market of outback economy hotel

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Report from our correspondent " do not say to encircle the ground in domestic horse race first fast 8, the foreign famous public house such as intercontinental interlinks a brand, " the attention that market of the economy that home rises abruptly quickly hotel is drawing numerous international capital, "Hotel of the economy that expands local born and bredly, quickly in home chain also by foreign capital ' inbreak ' , hua Nahu - 7 days by Hua Ping fund is huge endowment become a shareholder, mo Tai 168 also by big rub bought the equity of 20% with 20 million dollar. Mo Tai 168 also by big rub bought the equity of 20% with 20 million dollar..

Follow suit too fierce

"Market of domestic economy hotel was entered ' period of the Warring States ' , " and south when university travel manages a department to teach Zhang Yongan to accepted our newspaper reporter to interview yesterday, express, "Domestic sth used to one's own advantage follows suit hype too too fierce, compare with foreign capital photograph, be in stated inferior position on brand, management, economy hotel market or the destiny that face foreign capital palm to accuse. Economy hotel market or the destiny that face foreign capital palm to accuse..

Compare with foreign capital photograph, the native land brand on real significance exists generally " myopia " problem.

Or of hotel of domestic economy chain is investment of a few land agent prepares to construct, or is transition of hotel of small bit class and come, or be subordinate to belongs to large public house to run a group. To the hotel that land agent prepares to construct, basically confine is in an area, follow suit hype earns brushstroke to say again first, expand very hard to home; To hotel of small bit class and large public house

Run a group, put in the problem that capital shorts when dilate.

This causes current current situation is, the economy of native land brand hotel is in monomer condition not less, accomplish hard unified purchase reduce cost, bring about house price on the high side. According to calculating, price of room of domestic economy hotel just should be compared in 120 yuan or so reasonable. However, at present the price of Chinese most economy hotel has exceeded this one level far. Some flaunts Guangzhou " economy " hotel chain brand is set even " flatlet " , its price exceeded this level far.

Service respect is waited for rise

And south department of university travel government teachs Zhang Yongan to point out, the core competition ability of economy hotel is clean, wholesome, convenient guest room serves, main competition channel is brand and public praise. But software side waits in management, service, native land brand still still has certain space, the trend as economic globalization is more clear, the economy of native land brand hotel faces more serious challenge, the market shuffles unavoidable, the economy that estimates China hotel is accused extremely likely by palm of foreign capital place.
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