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Economy hotel enters fast hair exhibition period

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Economy hotel develops the biggest question to manage mode and capital case namely. No matter home is burgeoning,brand or international brand are such.

In the development of confused confusion faze, different company has different operation. To industry development, a kind of any mode have the content that can be drawn lessons from and sums up.

The argue of mode

The chief problem that economy hotel faces is managed namely and profit pattern, the answer that different company gave out to differ.

"With compare like the hotel photograph such as the home, our fixed position is hotel of business affairs chain. " Wang Zhenyu expresses.

Wang Zhenyu is Gelinhaotai enterprise of hotel management limited company recruits department manager. The partner that Gelinhaotai integrates investment firm by the partner of George Re-alty of American APH company, United States, United States and other the partner of a certain number of groups that cross a state establishs together, first total foreign capital of department China interlinks a hotel.

Lin Haotai of near future case interlinked hotel group to accelerate the outspread rate in Chinese inland apparently, came in September between October its open 4 concessionary management hotels newly again, in China inn number already amounted to 16.

Look in Wang Zhenyu, this has not at other company " market fractionize is politic " , after its meaning depends on answering economy hotel dimensions to change dilate, the profit below the market competition that avoids without code likewise changes structure on average.

The development of peaceful of case forest a person of extraordinary powers in Chinese inland is straight at the beginning how does the face undertake with adversary " poor dissimilation competes " . According to Introduction Wang Zhenyu, aim at intermediate the room of peaceful of case forest a person of extraordinary powers of group of business affairs passenger all valence is in 250 yuan / or so days, for instance the home and the star of bright and beautiful river restrain this one price tall 25% , "We and the largest dominant position that compare like domestic photograph depend on establishment of guest room hardware a few more high-grade.

For share of market of quick race to control, gelinhaotai still begins first degrees to try concessionary join in, inn of plan general straight battalion and join in the scale of inn by current 2 ∶ 1 turn into 1 ∶ 2. Its are in the new store of Hui Zhougang strong start business is one joins in namely inn, president of industrial development limited company tells development Shang Xincheng the reporter south old Wei: "Investment joins in a Gelinhaotai needs at least 5 million yuan, but the circumstance before pressing item looks, 3~5 can call in inside year cost. " disclose south Chen Wei, at present his this joins in inn wants those who have 50% to be entered only rate is OK achieve balance of profit and loss. And guest room is entered now rate is basic maintain in 90% , profit margin is made an appointment with 15% .
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