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Think set up shop tries to find out the real intention with me

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The market survey before masses cafeteria opens business

Complier: "Open a small shop to become a boss " it is market economy ecbolic of a lot of people that give " careless root dreams " . To most person, hand heart also is put 889 money. This not can make it what big business, but not reconciled to lets it lie in the bank, the family opened a cafeteria to become right choice. But what kind of store should open? Say market survey now, how should the small shop of such dimensions make survey then?

"The connoisseur moves, know to have. Roadside stands, know can set up shop " . Be opposite actually for the connoisseur, such survey is very simple, of course, do not cry over them " survey " , cry " try to find out the real intention " . The Zhou Guanglun of Heibei is old hand of such a connoisseur. He is below " enter swing all corners of the country " old experience, be " alone door secret Ji " , also be character.

Try to find out the real intention to feel oneself first " bottom "

Deal of set up shop, most those who let poll ache is investment. Especially small shop, "One night is cruel rich " impossible, "One year cruel rich " the likelihood also is not very big, and the have preparation that sustain losses in business. So, investment meal, scarcely can " fight with one's back to the river-fight to win or die " , want to had considered to have capital and the proportion that invest gold, it is commonly 2: 1 to 1: 1 for optimal, had backup force so capital or safeguard capital, because if store opens,rose, that may need to increase investment at any time, once set up shop failed, also can ensure oneself life, unapt be anxious for back and belly.

My friend is fresh example. Make an on-the-spot investigation more through close half an year, he is looked at allowed Hunan dish to need igneous trend, decide investment opens a 100 small shop run by couple of smooth rice 80 thousand yuan, but as a result of too be eager to getting rich, be unable to bear or endure alluring, predicting investment increases again and again, lend money everywhere, invest many 30 finally a small wine shop. The business after opening business is hot fearsome, everyday turnover can be achieved 6000 multivariate, but after a month, SARS erupts, business suffer a disastrous decline, be obliged to close down, other does not know where to be now avoid a creditor.

Storefront hire early plan

After deciding place invests golden amount, the optional location of cafeteria, dimensions, type also can begin to take shape almost. According to the convention, the storefront of masses meal hire cannot the 1/10 that prep above place throws amount. In restaurant preparatory course, have 4 sides expenses is the largest: Ran of procuress of Tian of a legendary bird with poisonous feathers of Tun of  of Mou Huang  of an ancient nationality in China of 5 sew Qiong washs Wu of discharge of scabbard of Wei Tong of Xin of closely question of take along sth to sb of S of Zhen of type of  of stern of ⑵ of Qu of target of ⒆ of Jie of Hao of abdomen of uncut jade of ⑸ of Zhen of Zan widow Tun ㄎ of a kind of reed of protruding of Xian of  of equipment of Xi   is bad, equipment buys place to use amount is storefront at least the 3 times above of hire. Through so general computation, also can decide storefront hire.
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