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(new industry new business chance) economy hotel becomes investment heat

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This year October 26, chinese mainland interlinks economy hotel " like the home " in the United States Nasidake appears on the market, share price raises 30 much dollars by 13 dollars violent wind in many days of 20 time; Appear to count the economy of year of time public house only in China, why be welcomed suddenly?

The star that is like the home, bright and beautiful river, fast 8 etc, nearly two years, these fascia that interlink economy hotel are in a lot of cities are increasing. Compare astral class hotel, economy hotel is core with guest room only, without the old hall with luxurious deck, and the establishment of form a complete set such as recreational city, sauna, but guest room is configured however a bit of no less than astral class hotels high-grade and comfortable, bedding, TV, the broadband gets online same many, and the price wants material benefit than astral class hotel much.

The United States fast Bai Li of CEO of area of China of 8 hotels group says: "Now our inn (room) rental rate follows an industry average about the same, 85% above, had calculated particularly tall, a bit too tall, because 85% when, that a lot of moment had done not have a room. That a lot of moment had done not have a room..

Before average room price is in our country economy hotel 133-202 yuan between, because be entered rate is high, the hotel is in via battalion profit margin 40% the left and right sides. Current, our country economy hotel 50% come from at to old property transform, make cost far under astral class hotel, management form is basic it is chain, realized dimensions movement.

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