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Hotel investment does not warm up because of the Olympic Games

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Intermediate measures couplet to forecast all right: Price of office building of house of next year second half of the year is stable

The residence: Build residential price amplitude to put delay next year

"As a result of inertial reason, beijing house price still may rise first half of the year 2007, but second half of the year will tend stable. " Beijing of travel of intermediate quantity couplet studies the ministry is in charge of Kaianna to be in forecast on 4 reports news briefing last week.

Intermediate measures the data that couplet goes to show, arrived in January from this year in December, the price of high-grade residence rose to make an appointment with 19% above, and hire shows downtrend slightly. And next year, the basis is located the position is different, the value that builds the house rises extent to will put delay. Fall to 11% , 14% differ, the hire of most area will keep smooth or reduce somewhat. In the meantime, because the Olympic Games draws near increasingly, a lot of potential likelihoods that buy the home choose to hold money to wait for buy, cause thereby those who pay easy amount is short-term drop.

Office building

Next year large quantities of building office building puts in market hire to keep stable

Newest data shows, the empty buy rate of office building of Beijing of the fourth quarter falls compared to the same period 0.5 percent, the office building area of city of the 4th Li Du face was about 2006 300 thousand smooth rice, and annual predicted to will exceed 1 million to make the same score rice 2007. Kaianna tells a reporter: "For patulous to planning to have business enterprise, the high grade office building of Shanghai is supplied finite, and the hire of Hong Kong is exalted, beijing has very strong competition dominant position in this respect. " as a result of a few predict finishing October this year project will be delayed originally be late next year in March, because this next year will have large quantities of new projects,put in the market.

Hotel: After the Olympic Games won't superfluous

According to statistic, what what Beijing recieves inside before this year 11 months is abroad enter a country tourist number had exceeded 2005 annual number. Up to this year in October, although enter rate appreciably to drop, but Beijing 4, average room price rose the day of hotel of 5 stars class about 8% , average income of every guest room also grew 7% accordingly.

Intermediate measures report of group of couplet travel hotel to show, came 2007 there are 8707 to add guest room newly at least between 2008 finishing, wu Jia of senior vice president protects area of China of group of hotel of travel of intermediate quantity couplet think: "Hotel investment is long term investment, as a result of,the reason of investment is not just 2008 Olympic Games of Beijing, and more is to value Beijing economy to grow to develop flourishingly with tourism strong, this will create all-time business affairs and recreational travel demand for hotel market, the whole of exciting hotel market develops. The whole of exciting hotel market develops..
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