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Report: Buy outback hotel foreign capital most favour Shanghai

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Yesterday, intermediate measured group of couplet travel hotel to also release newest market to study a report. An investigation that faces overseas investor shows: Be in Asian area, shanghai is besides Tokyo and Singapore, hotel investor most the market of favour.

"Investor hopes to raise hotel capital fund in Shanghai very much, buying existing property still is the mainest investment strategy, but the hotel capital that because suit,invests is finite, investor also is willing to consider to develop hotel project directly " , agency of Shanghai of group of hotel of travel of intermediate quantity couplet is advanced vice-president Kang Botao thinks so.

According to statistic, to the end of November 2006, the average room price of 5 astral class hotels of Shanghai has achieved a RMB 1734 yuan / late, than last year the corresponding period increased 4.4% , enter rate also maintain in relatively healthy 71% the left and right sides.

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