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Hui Cheng: The whole world is famous the hotel invests an upland

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2006, industry of a rising sun becomes long story quickly, in benefit the city zone wonderful perform -- British intercontinental, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers of American, Dai Si, germany the international hotel group such as Kaibinsiji finishs to, sift of confused of magnate of global hotel industry child Hui Cheng, tourism of area of center of Bo Yihui city. The speed that benefit the city zone fixes eyes upon with making a person makes the whole world famous public house invests new upland, become another name for Guangdong Province east first county that has group of 4 hotels that cross a state at the same time (area) .

The travel industry 2006 enrols check business works, xu Zhihui of deputy warden of benefit the city zone makes wraparound: Thick accumulate thin hair, success will come when conditions are ripe.

Enrol business breakthrough

Group of 4 hotels that cross a state makes naval force of hotel aircraft carrier

Long-term since, hotel industry especially the serious lag that high-end hotel builds, be the mind of benefit city person all the time is painful.

Those who make a person gratified is, 2006, the hotel industry of benefit the city zone was played intense your beautiful writing, british intercontinental, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers of American, Dai Si, germany group of 4 hotels that cross a state lands Kaibinsiji early or late: 2006 New Year beginning, in benefit the city zone short Bei is pressed down, cover an area of even more hot spring of 2000 mus rich force intercontinental goes vacationing hotel construction is entered time, the whole world distributings the widest with the biggest public house

Run a group -- British intercontinental group, couplet sleeves group of Shang Fuli of Chinese famous estate, join forces is made " the whole nation the most top class hot spring goes vacationing hotel " ; On June 21, center of administration is in city east side, the Germany that always invests 600 million yuan hotel project autograph makes an appointment with Kaibinsiji, the brand of European luxurious hotel that owns more than 100 years of histories " Kaibinsiji " land benefit city formally; On July 18, in mouth of water of benefit the city zone street agency 3 annulus are wayside, the imperial crown holiday that by Na Xuan the group involves group of hand England intercontinental to invest management break earth of hotel of 5 stars class; On December 28, beside either end of a bridge of north of benefit city big bridge, mark of benefit state new ground -- autograph of project of hotel of 5 stars class makes an appointment with 48 rich Li Moli, the groups of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers that indicate the public house with a the famousest international runs one of companies march first city of Guangdong second line; On December 30, in lakeside of lake of west lake water chestnut, hotel of Dai Si of benefit city Jin Ze is full-dress welcome guest, this is global rank first group of concessionary management hotel -- the United States gets the better of the 3rd when Guangdong is in after vacating group afterwards Shenzhen, Zhan Jiang " Days Inn " hotel.
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