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5 astral class hotels of investor favour Shanghai

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On January 9, 2007, intermediate measures group of couplet travel hotel to release newest statistic data: Price of average last year room rises markets of 5 astral class hotel the current is powerful, and hopeful exceeds 1700 yuan first, enter rate maintain in 71% the left and right sides.

It is reported, average room price rises the day of hotel of 5 stars class 2005 the 6th year continuously, achieve the history to nod 1649 yuan high. "This year this ' 1700 ' it is the fall that leads certain level with be being entered is cost, but 71% of the left and right sides enter rate level to still maintain in relatively healthy level. " Wu Jia of senior vice president guarantees group of hotel of travel of intermediate quantity couplet think: Operation business accepts one part to strive for higher house price to be entered inferiorly rate, this also mirrorred supply of hotel guest room to increase brings influence. "We predict to be in prospective 18-24 the middle of a month, the market will suck take in the fresh-take in new Party members to add hotel guest room to furnish, because the hotel of 5 stars class of Shanghai leads Chinese hotel room price, shanghai also is one of cities with top price of 5 room of astral class hotel. Shanghai also is one of cities with top price of 5 room of astral class hotel..

As we have learned, li Jia hotel and hotel of the four seasons are after Pu Xikai course of study, there also will be in Pudong 2 practice, these hotel companies try to enlarge market share through same brand project is being managed in different a sector of an area. And a few new brand public houses also begin to choose Shanghai to serve as those who enter Chinese market to cut a point.

Intermediate measures the investor confidence investigation that group of couplet travel hotel has recently to show: In the Asia, shanghai is Tokyo and Singapore beyond, hotel investor most the market of favour. "Investor hopes to buy hotel property in Shanghai very much, but the biggest challenge is to find the high grade substance that accords with investor to invest guiding principle. The hotel assets supply that because suit,invests is limited, investor also is willing to consider to develop hotel project, but buying existing property still is the mainest investment strategy. " Kang Botao of senior vice president says agency of this company Shanghai so.

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